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Learn how you can always revitalize your body, mind, and spirit by simply using your hands for lifelong well-being.

“Beautiful JSJ always by hand and ear😁”. Nel


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This online course is an introduction to the ancient Japanese healing art Jin Shin Jyutsu®

You will be introduced to the basic principles of Jin Shin Jyutsu and learn how to easily apply this method to yourself. By learning and understanding the simple hand positions and flows, you can easily restore your inner balance and increase your self-healing ability at any given moment.

You will also learn how to resolve an acute physical problem, such as a fever, headache, or infection, for yourself and your loved ones. You understand how to use your own healing hands to harmonize the energy on all levels body, mind, and spirit. Your energy will start to flow more and more freely, and above all, you’ll experience, feel and live it.

A gift for life, that you’ll never be without.

I just watched Module 1. Did the Big Hug…. very nice!!! I’m glad I took the step… it’s like “coming”home”. You have a nice voice and are really an expert by experience… So… it’s going to be all right! Warm Greetings -L. at Rotterdam


Love the online training. Did the whole course immediately and finished them completely. But now go and repeat part by part in peace! – Y. at Utrecht


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