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Are you ready to awaken your self-healing abilities
and experience more peace, joy, and happiness
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Do you search for more flow and ease in your life?
But you feel stuck or blocked? And are you aware, your outer world is mirroring your inner world?

With all that is happening around us maybe being tired and stressed is becoming too normal for you. And you know you need to bring more attention to your own self-care. To be able to tend for your own family and your work.

Sometimes you get in your own way emotionally, and you know this is holding you back in your life.

And while you are working hard and giving out into the world, taking care of others you may abandon your own self-care at times.

Perhaps you’re simply not feeling as well as you think you could? Or you experience regular physical discomfort, headaches, pain, digestive discomfort, nervousness, anxiety, stress, or suffered an injury or illness? 

All of these may be signs of your energy being out of balance and harmony.
Your self-healing ability is having a hard time and you have trouble getting back in the flow.

Do you feel ….

  • You want more flow and ease in your life so you can enjoy your life with your loved ones even more
  • You need an upgrade on an energetic level to clear your blocks and recharge yourself to enjoy and experience a new reality.
  • You like to shift your energy and vibration to heal and harmonize your life.
  • You desire a way to enhance your well-being, so you can live your life with grace and ease.
  • You want to learn how to tap into your own energy source and connect with your inner knowing and wisdom to find your path in life.

I believe that your energy and vibration is the foundation of your well-being and that you can play a big part in sustaining and maintaining your own energy.

‘ Man contains within himself
all that is needed for healing.’

Mary Burmeister

Getting to know and heal yourself

It’s time to flow and spread your light

I believe that your energy and vibration is the foundation of your well-being and that you can play a big part in sustaining and maintaining your own energy.

We all have self-healing abilities right inside of us. We’re not surprised when a wound or a broken bone heals itself, or we recover from fatigue or burn-out, are we? No, we all even count on this self-healing ability of your body, mind, and spirit. 

You also know you are not your body alone. You are a holistic being and everything is interconnected.

An ancient Japanese healing art

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an amazing healing art from Japan. It brings you tools to heal yourself and your loved ones. It balances and harmonizes the subtle energies of body, mind, and spirit and enhances your self-healing power.
Jin Shin Jyutsu reconnects you with your inner wisdom and knowing.

It helps you to feel more at ease, energetic and experience more flow in your daily life. Or it can take away physical discomfort such as a headache.

This self-care based healing art empowers you to be in the center of your own healing process. To help you relax in your being and release stress. Teaching you how to use your hands as energy medicine.

So that whenever you feel stuck or disconnected you know how to help yourself. Or when your child has a fever you can simply use your hands to lower it.

 Healing at your fingertips

The gentle touch of the hands in certain places on the body harmonizes the energy so that it can flow freely and unencumbered. Promoting your healing, recovery, and well-being. Allowing you to feel full of energy and whole.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is unique in its gentle and non-invasive approach to healing and the empowerment it brings you by being able to heal yourself and your loved ones.

'For myself and for my children a very positive experience!'

Warmly recommended in case of many complaints. Warm personality, a lot of knowledge, skillful, nice practice space. For both adults and children, it can give a lot of rest, pain relief, space … For myself and for my children a very positive experience! – Ellen Rozenburg at Leidschendam


'100% safe'

You listen to your client without judgment both physically and emotionally. This gives you as a client a 100% safe feeling. The well-being of the client is paramount to you and out of respect for your client you will always keep up the pace. – M. at Rijswijk

'A big step forward in my energy management'

Marna, energetic, cheerful, flowing, intuitive, confident, attentive and a good ‘organizer’ of the JSJ seminars. With her Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments, Marna has been able to give me a big step forward in my energy management. Thank you very much, I am very happy with that 😊! – Marieke, at Heemstede


Hi, I’m Marna

Jin Shin Jyutsu changed my life

From a very early age I was interested in the universe and had a lot of life questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Where do we come from and where do we go? So I started reading and studying these questions. And it wasn’t until I discovered Jin Shin Jyutsu that everything came together. All my life questions answered by this one beautiful and simple healing Art. My quest ended and my life path was clear.

In the last 20 years, Jin Shin Jyutsu has been part of my life and that of the people around me. Transforming my life and theirs.

It brought ease and flow in my life, energizing and harmonizing my BEing. Making my life a happy and healthy one.

The words of the substitute general practitioner spoke volumes: ‘Is it true it’s been 12 years since you’ve been here?’ And that day I only visited her because I wanted to know my Vitamine D level.

Ideal for everyone who wants to learn a simple way to help yourself and your loved ones on a daily basis. You’ll integrate this immediately in your life, it’s that easy!

Jin Shin Jyutsu can really transform your life and embark you on a life-altering journey to Get to Know Oneself.



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