Additional opportunities to increase your awareness and deepen your knowledge of Jin Shin Jyutsu

In recent years, new elements always have developed within my practice, including organizing courses with our special Jin Shin Jyutsu teachers, the Practice Circle, as well as giving Jin Shin Jyutsu Intensives and MentoringThese things seem to be manifesting themselves since the beginning of my practice. Now is the time to offer both the Intensive Jin Shin Jyutsu and the Mentoring more explicitly within my practice.

The Intensive Jin Shin Jyutsu

With the Intensive Jin Shin Jyutsu you will typically receive 2 sessions per day in 5 days. This is how I want to make it available in my calendar. Several weeks in my year are especially for those who want an Intensive. By receiving and giving multiple Intensives in the past few years, I have discovered what a special experience it is, how to get into ever deeper layers, how it can really set things in motion, dissolve them and change them. And how it increases your awareness of yourself.  Under the button below you will find the agenda and you can book your own Intensive. If you want to design it in a different way, e.g. 7 sessions in 5 days or 6 in 3 days, please contact me personally or book it yourself in my regular agenda, which can be found under book a session.

This is how others have experienced their Intensive

‘The power of Jin Shin Jyutsu comes fully into its own under the experienced hands of Marna.  During the Intensive I felt myself more and more coming back to my core, which almost effortlessly creates clarity in my mind and balance in my body.

Marna’s experience is tangible and because she has no judgment, a loving and safe environment is created. And what I think is really cool, is that what I’ve learned with my head in different courses (including Marna’s), I have experienced in my body. By receiving multiple sessions in short succession, you really go to deeper layer. 

K. The Hague

‘What beautiful days I had with you! Thank you very much for your warm, soft touch. And for the knowledge you wanted to share with me. A lot of recognition and the same passion, that creates a bond. I hope to come back more often, because harmony has no end, right?’
M. Hoogeveen

“When I understand myself, I understand totality”

Mary Burmeister


In recent years, more and more people started to ask me questions about Jin Shin Jyutsu, about certain topics within Jin Shin Jyutsu, about ‘cases’ within their own starting or existing Jin Shin Jyutsu practice or about their own Self-help practice. Super nice and of course I also feel honored that people ask me this. I would like to offer this in a more structured way within my practice. So if you ‘ve questions, want to know more about a certain subject or want to spar about a certain case within your practice, you can. You can use the button below to schedule 15 minutes or half an hour, or whatever you want.

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