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Online Study Circle
Practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-help together

About once a month there is an online Study Circle. A place to BE together and discover and experience a flow or hand positions of the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-help. I’ll choose a flow or hand position(s) and give some insight.
We start the evening with the 36 breaths, discuss and experience the flow or hand position of that day/evening. The experience learns we can ALL benefit from the collective energy we build together, while you’re in the comfort of your home.

How practically?

Dutch or English

The language spoken depends on who participates and translation is always available of course.

The Study Circle is on Zoom, where we are in a meeting together. You can join in with your video on or off, whatever you like. You don’t need anything and can simply join in via the link. You can use the ZOOM app on your iPhone and iPad, but you don’t have to.
You’ll receive the link for this study group on Monday when you have signed up.

We start at 19.45. This way we can all arrive in the virtual space with each other. The Study Circle will be around an hour. We’ll let it flow quietly as it goes. The costs are € 15,-  You can pay with the button below.

The coming Study Circles are on October 31,2022

‘Man contains within himself
all that is needed for healing.’

Mary Burmeister

You’re warmly invited to join each month

Each month there is a Study Circle you can join, just for the fun of it.

Normally this Study Circle is in my practice. The benefit of these times is that this Study Circle is now online and you can join from your own home.

The Study Circle is a place to do Self-help flows or hand positions together and hold space for each other. You’ll experience the power of the collective by performing these exercises together. Of course, there is room for questions, remarks, and sharing of experiences if you like. Within 24 hours after receiving your payment you’ll receive an email with further information

Time: 19.45 CET- 21.00 CET (2.45-4.00 pm EST or 11.45 am-1 pm PMT)
Costs: 15 euros

Love to see you in The Study Circle.

About me

Jin Shin Jyutsu changed my life

From a very early age I was interested in the universe and had a lot of life questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Where do we come from and where do we go? So I started reading and studying these questions. And it wasn’t until I discovered Jin Shin Jyutsu that everything came together. All my life questions answered by this one beautiful and simple healing Art. My quest ended and my life path was clear.

In the last 20 years, Jin Shin Jyutsu has been part of my life and that of the people around me. Transforming my life and theirs.

It brought ease and flow in my life, energizing and harmonizing my BEing. Making my life a happy and healthy one.

The words of the substitute general practitioner spoke volumes: ‘Is it true it’s been 12 years since you’ve been here?’ And that day I only visited her because I wanted to know my Vitamine D level.

Ideal for everyone who wants to learn a simple way to help yourself and your loved ones on a daily basis. You’ll integrate this immediately in your life, it’s that easy!

Jin Shin Jyutsu can really transform your life and embark you on a life-altering journey to Get to Know Oneself.


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