Online Living The Art

with Sara Harper

‘The awareness of the moment (the breath), one’s present state of being
will become an Art of LIVING.’


Living The Art class with Sara Harper.

An amazing class for you if you like to deepen your connection with the Selfhelp books. Sara is an amazing teacher who can really take you on a journey through these 3 books and share her knowledge, experience, and time with Mary Burmeister with you. She began practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu with Mary Burmeister at 14 years young in sharing sessions with her mom and Mary.

This seminar differs from the Self-Help Class in that the meanings of Mary’s words and numbers in the books are presented at a deeper level, creating a bridge of information with Texts 1 and 2 from the 5-Day Basic Seminar. With this background, students are better prepared to study, practice, and perhaps teach Self-Help. 

This is a 4-day class on Zoom. Where there will be time and space to actively participate with hands-on Self Help.

Sara Harper


Sara Harper  lives in Tucson, Arizona with her family.  Sara received her first session with Mary when she was fourteen in 1973. She has studied with Mary since 1983. Sara has been a Jin Shin Jyutsu instructor since 1992 teaching the “Living the Art” 3-day workshops, and Self-Help. Sara also teaches the Basic Five Day seminar, Mentoring, Special Topics, and Now Know Myself.

Sara has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Marketing and worked in Business for several years.  After a traumatic car accident in the early 1980’s she had a life-changing experience during her sessions with Mary Burmeister.

Sara has studied psychology, numerology, dance, and loves the mysteries of life and nature. Sara teaches in an experiential and elemental way as to embody the journey of learning.

Class details

The 4-day  combines theory and practice in an effortless way.


June 24-27, 2021


Four hours each day

30 minutes Q&A

7 AM-9 AM PDT Los Angeles /16.00 PM- 18.00 PM CET Amsterdam 

1-hour break

10.00 AM- NOON PDT Los Angeles /19.00 PM- 21.00 PM CET Amsterdam 


30 minutes Q&A

Prerequisites Three of the 5-Day Basic Seminars.

Certificate You will receive the Living the Art certificate after finishing 3 5 day classes and this Living the Art class.

Language English

Replays available for participants for 3 months


For additional questions please contact me:

Marna Schauten-Kruijt
Phone: 0031 6 11417677

 Class tuition

New Student: 425 dollar, Review LTA Student 280 dollar

NB Review student means you already participated in an LTA class.

‘The journey lies within Myself to seek which has no beginning and no ending. ’

– Mary Burmeister

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