Unlock Yourself


Your journey in Jin Shin Jyutsu Safety Energy Locks

Unlock Yourself

26 locks to open up your BEing

Simply opening up one energy lock a day until you reach Safety Energy Lock 26. These 26 safety energy locks of Jin Shin Jyutsu are part of your energy pathways. By unlocking these energy locks, energy can start to flow freely through your body, mind, and spirit.

A lovely experience

a free flow of energy

Getting to know the Safety Energy Locks Jin Shin Jyutsu will be easy and effortless and bring you relaxation, energy, and harmony. Everyone can use some flow in their life.

Ideal for everyone who wants to learn a simple way to help yourself and your loved ones on a daily basis. You’ll integrate this immediately into your life, it’s that easy!

The 26 Safety Energy Locks of Jin Shin Jyutsu are part of your energy pathways.  By unlocking these energy locks these pathways clear and energy can start to flow freely through body, mind, and spirit again. You’ll use these 26 special areas on your body as an acupuncturist uses acupuncture points to flow your energy.

Each lock has its own number, meaning, vibration, color, etc with which we connect. By connecting with each lock you’ll get to know these 26 Divine Beings, that are there to help you to stay in harmony, happy, and healthy.

It’s an experience not a course

BEing with one lock each day

Each day you can open up one Safety Energy Lock a day. You’ll discover a lock each day and BE with the lock for a couple of minutes or as long as you like. Each day you’ll find information on the Safety Energy Lock and its benefits. You’ll also find a guided meditation with the lock each day. By taking time to simply be with the lock in meditation you’ll get to know each lock and experience how this helps you to maintain serenity, balance, and harmony in any situation.

By the end of 26 days and being with Safety Energy Locks

+  You’ll find that your energy flows more easily and freely.

+  You’ll feel happy, harmonized, and healthy!

+  You’ll have effortlessly discovered where each Safety Energy Locks lives on your body and why and when you can use them to reduce for example a headache or back pain or to invite more light, flow, and inner peace in your life.

+  You’ll have also learned the ancient mystical meaning of each lock and how to work with them for energetic balance and harmony.

26 lessons to get to know each Safety Energy Lock
A guided self-help meditation every day to be with the lock
App where you can find each lesson about each lock
Effortless experience and learn from your space
Unlimited access to the online teaching platform
97 euro

VAT (9%) included

What others say:

A bag full of gifts

If you are looking for an important shift in your physical, mental and spiritual life – a powerful and yet soft and easy way of de-blocking your energy field, Jin Shin Jyutsu is a fantastic technique to support yourself. Marna is a very safe and professional teacher. I can truly say that the 26 days Unlock Yourself has given me a bag full of gifts which I surely will use for the rest of my life and pass it on in my own meditation teachings. Highly recommended. – Marloes Heemskerk, Delft

Natural loyalty

The experience that there is no discipline necessary if you are really connected to what you are doing. For the very first time in my life I did the whole journey without any effort. Daily I was looking forward. No other practice has revealed me this kind of natural loyalty … -M.

And I am happy, very happy!

These 26 days have given my life a turn that I could never have imagined. That my chronically ill body can apparently start healing itself after all. After all those years with specialists, therapies and disappointments, I can do it myself! I feel more space in my body, have less pain and more energy. And this does so much for my head, it gives me confidence again, what I had lost for years, in myself. And I am happy, very happy!

Ingrid N.

‘I will give you the keys for the heaven within.’

Mary Burmeister

This will make you happy if:

+  you like to become your own energy healer

+  you like to get to know 26 very special places on your body through which you can harmonize your own energy.

+  you’re looking for an energetic shift in your physical, mental, and spiritual life.

+  you’re open to discover this ancient healing art for yourself.

+  you’re want to easily and effortlessly integrate this energy healing into your life.

+  you’re longing for energy, balance and flow in your life

+  you want to know how to heal yourself in a simple powerful way

+  you like to support your meditation practice to experience more peace and serenity

You’re warmly invited

How would you like it if I help you to effortlessly become your own energy healer?

You can start this journey through the 26 Safety Energy Locks whenever you like. Getting to know the energy locks, connect with them, and opening up one energy lock a day, or being with the lock you’re drawn to that day.

Day by day you’re energy pathways open up and you’ll feel your energy moving more and more freely, igniting your own healing ability.

After 26 days you’ll know these 26 sacred areas on your body and are you able to use them to flow your energy, to heal physical discomforts, and awaken your soul. This way you’re always able to maintain your balance and serenity in your life. Being your own healer.

Within 15 minutes after receiving your payment you’ll be given access to ‘Unlock Yourself ‘ and receive a welcome email and start immediately. After going into the course area you can join me in a guided meditation and you’ll find guidance, explanation, and inspiration on the Safety Energy Lock of that day. I love for you to join and connect to yourself and me.

97 euro

VAT (9%) included

About me

Jin Shin Jyutsu changed my life

From a very early age I was interested in the universe and the big questions of life. Who am I? Why am I here? Where do we come from and where do we go? So I started reading and studying these questions. And it wasn’t until I discovered Jin Shin Jyutsu that everything came together. All my life questions answered by this one beautiful and simple healing Art. My quest ended and my life path was clear.

In the last 20 years, Jin Shin Jyutsu has been part of my life and that of the people around me. Transforming my life and theirs.

It brought ease and flow in my life, energizing and harmonizing my BEing. Making my life a happy and healthy one.

The words of a doctor I saw speak volumes. She asked: ‘Is it right? Has it really been 12 years since you’ve been to the doctor?…’
…and that day I only visited her because I wanted to know my Vitamine D level.

Ideal for everyone who wants to learn a simple way to help yourself and your loved ones on a daily basis. You’ll integrate this immediately in your life, it’s that easy!

Jin Shin Jyutsu can really transform your life and embark you on a life-altering journey to Get to Know Oneself.


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