Harmonize and Energize

Tap into your own energy source

Are you a conscious female professional?

Who understands that your energy is an important part of your success in life and work.

Who would love to know how to be able to stay aligned, calm and centered in your busy life

so you can enjoy your life, family, and work to the fullest.

You may want to know and learn this easy practice


How to harmonize and energize your body, mind, and spirit for a lifelong wellbeing

Online course

Self-help 1 Jin Shin Jyutsu

The secret of your hands

Online course

Self-help 1 Jin Shin Jyutsu

The secret of your hands

In this online course Self-help 1, you’ll get to know the basics of Jin Shin Jyutsu. You’ll discover different ways to harmonize and revitalize your energy and understand you need not know fatigue and stress. You’ll also learn several ‘energy flows’ for daily use.  

While creating this course it became a deep dive into the first self-help book of Mary Burmeister ‘ Introducing Jin Shin Jyutsu is.’  This self-help book is the first book of a series of 3 books Mary wrote on self-help. What you can do for yourself by just simply using your hands. This course will take you on a journey through the book I, and leave you with a deep understanding of self-help and the energy flows. This course lays a solid foundation to understand Jin Shin Jyutsu on a profound level.

One of my clients said: Oh it’s like a compendium to the book? And when you look at the meaning of the word, I think it’s exactly what this course became during its creation.


handbook or overview that gives a concise but comprehensive overview of the main points and concepts of science, discipline or subject.

‘I will recomment this course to everybody who is interested in learning more about JSJ.’

– Nell C.

‘Much more understanding of the connections and the different levels.
More Conscious of Being in the Now
Started to better Listen, Watch and Feel’

– Ans D.

Do you want

To get a deep understanding of an easy self-help practice?

To feel energized, happy and healthy in every area of your life?

To feel deeply relaxed?

To get to know yourself just a little better every day?

To be aligned

To develop a simple daily selfcare ritual?

To know how you can raise your vibration quickly?

To know be able to lower a fever in your child?

To know how you can clear a headache?

To sleep better?

This is possible for you. Just simply learn how to use your hands.

‘The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of ones arm.’

Mary Burmeister

There is power in your hands

You can also get to know this power. You’ll be surprised that something this simple really works and can be this powerful. I hear this a lot. How can something this simple really be so effective and why has no-one learned me this before then? It even angers some of my clients that this knowledge is so secretive and undercover. Because they think, and I think, that everybody in the whole wide world should know this. It’s simple, and when you know what to do with your hands, it’s free and most of you have your hands always with you. So it’s so very easy to help yourself, your child or a loved one. The only thing you need is your hands and to know how to use them.

That’s why I created this course for all of YOU. I want to share this (non-secret ) Secret of Your Hands. My purpose in this lifetime is to share this knowledge with as many as possible because I think that the world will be a better place when everybody knows how they can use their hands. It’s simple, easy, free and powerful.

Nothing speaks like experience

I want every mother (and father off course) to be able to help her child when she is on the beach as I could help my beautiful daughter for example.

‘ A couple of years ago on our last vacation day in Greece, my beautiful daughter cut herself on a very sharp stone on a secluded beach. The result was a very deep big cut under her foot. Off course I was happy there was a shower to really clean the wound and the bartender did some disinfecting powder on the wound. But from there I took over by using my hands for 20 minutes in the car back to the habited world. Once there my husband made some dovetail patch for the wound.  Two hours later I used my hands for another 20 minutes and we went for dinner. It was our last evening there and I didn’t have anything to eat anymore in the appartement. The waiter and his mother looked quite worried, because of the very salty sea, where it happened. In their experience wounds didn’t heal that easy. When my daughter lay in her bed I used my hands for another 20 minutes, the pain subsided and the wound felt better. The next morning we flew home and 5 days later she was playing hockey again.‘

If I hadn’t experienced this myself I wouldn’t have believed it. But this is exactly how it was. And I have dozens and dozens of experiences like this for myself. Where I wonder how it’s possible. But as is said the best testimonial is YOU.

Off course also my clients and colleagues have a lot of stories like this.

‘I’ve just finished Selfhelp 1 and 2 with Marna. Two workshops I thought were fantastic. On the one hand how it was given and the content. Very applicable to your own life and actually easy to learn and to do. Marna tells lively and full of stories of experience, which are very instructive.

Highly recommended for people who look at being human and believe in the self-healing power of their own bodies in a different way than the regular healing method. Jin Shin Jyutsu helps with this.

I am grateful to Marna for sharing her knowledge and wisdom.


– Ira Sloof, Den Haag

The course

The secret of your hands

How can you learn to use your hands to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit by just using your hands for lifelong wellbeing? In 8 weeks, with easy to follow lessons, you’ll learn everything there is to know to be happy, healthy and full of energy by the simple use of your hands. The practice by which you use your hands this way is called Jin Shin Jyutsu, a gentle ancient Japanese healing art. This beautiful art teaches you how you can use your hands to feel energized, happy and healthy in every area of your life. This course will teach you the first selfhelp book of Jin Shin Jyutsu where you‘ll learn, how to use your hands.  

After 8 weeks you’ll know:

How Jin Shin Jyutsu came to being

What the basic principles of energy and your hands are

How you can easily apply the awareness about the use of your hands every day

How to understand the different levels Spirit, Mind, and Body 

What’s your Breath got to do with it?

What Your Source of Life is and how you are connected with it

What 3 flows of hand sequences you can use to energize, digest and purify life

What you can do to handle daily discomforts like headaches, eye/ear discomforts, infections, fever, etc.

After doing this clear and gentle course you will understand and have experienced what your hands can do for you to be energized, happy and healthy. There’ll be a lot of possibilities to really get the experience of the flows and hand poses because nothing speaks like experience.

Simple and powerful

My wish for you is that this course will give you something in your hands, you wish you would have known before. It’s a way to lifelong wellbeing you can use (and really want to use) every day because it just feels so good. You’ll experience it’s power and will be wondering how something this simple can be this effective.


Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF

Art of Living

Mary Burmeister

If you want to know the secret power of the simple use of your hands, this course is for you.

It’ll learn you how to revitalize your body, mind, and spirit by simply using your hands for lifelong wellbeing.

The course consists of:

Videos where I explain the material clearly

Audios where I will guide you through all the different exercises, like a meditation

Worksheets so you have a very clear visual to support the exercise

The original book of Mary Burmeister: Introducing Jin Sjin Jyutsu, send to your home adress

Bonuses to further empower you

Unlimited access to the material 

Inspiration, motivation, support and a place for a quick question in a closed Facebook group.

A community in the learning environment for support

 Your Investment

Financial Investment

Normally the financial investment is €267,-.

When you invite someone else to join us you’ll receive an extra 10% off  €267,-, because I believe the world is a better place as more people know about Jin Shin Jyutsu and the simple practice of using their hands to help themselves and their loved ones.

The course ‘The Secret of your Hands’ will start on September 20th, 2019. I’m really excited to start this journey with you.

Time Investment

Off course you’ll invest some of your time to watch the videos and do the exercises. However, I keep every video short (no more than 15 minutes) and the exercises will vary in time. This will give you the choice of how much time you want and can invest at the moment.

It doesn’t really matter how much time you invest, you’ll feel the immediate effect of the exercises the moment you do the exercises and often during the rest of your day or night.

So if you want to know this (non-secret) Secret of your hands and be able to use your hands for lifelong wellbeing, I love to invite you into my course and my life passion.

Frequently asked questions

Are you really showing how to do the exercises?

Yes, I'll show how to do the exercises and where to place your hands through videos, pictures, and drawings. Of course, if something is not clear for you, you can always reach out to me.

Is there a difference between this course and the Selfhelp course I already did?

This course uses the self-help 1 book as its foundation and will help you thoroughly understand the use of your hands. In this online course, there'll be different ways to be able to learn. You can watch the videos for the theoretical part and explanation, you can listen to the audios where I’ll guide you through the exercises. This way you’ll really able to meditate and using your hands to flow your energy while learning the effect of every step of the flow and the flow without effort. The worksheets will give some visual support. Every 4 weeks there’ll be Q&A. As an extra support, there will be a journal, which helps you to become more and more aware of you.  All materials will be available 24 hours a day. You can do the course at your own pace and in your own time, wherever you are whenever you want.

After 8 weeks or sooner, when you're emerging you'll be empowered and aligned and you’ll have all the tools you need to keep yourself healthy, happy and energized.

How is the course delivered?

You'll get access to a learning environment on all the devices you want. You can go to the course on your computer but also on your phone or Ipad. There is even an App on your phone and Ipad available to make it even easier to watch the videos or listen to the audios on-the-go.

Will I have access after 8 weeks to the course?

The course stays available to you and you have unlimited access. You'll stay part of the community where you can ask questions or can find advice.

What happens when you improve or alter some materials in the future, do I get that too?

Yes, when I improve for example an audio or add new materials you'll have access to the improved and/or new materials too.

Will there be a Facebook group?

There will be a Facebook group for inspiration, motivation and reminding you. There you can also ask a quick question. 

I don't have nor want to go on Facebook?

I totally understand that and you don't need to of course! You can do the course without being in the Facebook group. When a question comes up you simply shoot me an email and post a comment in the learning environment you'll get access to.


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