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The 8 Powerful Mudra

WE ARE ONE Jin Shin Jyutsu Mudras

Your journey in Jin Shin Jyutsu selfcare

Learn everything about
the 8 Mudras of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Using these 8 hand gestures is a beautiful and simple way to start
your Jin Shin Jyutsu journey.

These 8 Mudras are the birthplace of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Jiro Murai, the Japanese founder of Jin Shin Jyutsu, healed himself with these 8 hand positions in the early 1900s. He utilized them to clear all energy pathways in the body.

A short online course

to clear your energy pathways

Getting to know these simple hand gestures will be easy and effortless. You’ll integrate them soon into your life. Bringing you relaxation and energy at the same time.

Your breath will find its own natural rhythm and you’ll feel centered and free.

You can perform these mudras or just one or two of them where ever you are and whenever you want. I myself, for example, love to perform them in the theatre or watching a movie.

Ideal for everyone who wants to learn a simple way to help oneself to let go of fatigue and stress and invite harmony and energy in.

‘All disharmonies can be harmonized through the thumbs and fingers’


What does the training consist of?

8 Mudras in 4 weeks

In The 8 Powerful Mudras course, you’ll find an online learning platform for easy learning. This way you’ll effortlessly learn the hand positions and experience the benevolence they’ll bring you.

Audios guiding you through all the different exercises, like a meditation
Videos to explain the material clearly
Unlimited access to the material
Inspiration, motivation, support and a place for a quick question in a closed Facebook group.

Rate for the online training

97 euro

VAT (9%) included

I have some favorite ones now

I liked this course a lot. It was simple to follow the instructions and the mudras are all really wonderful. I have some favorite ones now. Marna gave nice guidance in the audios with a kind and caring voice. If you look for an easy way to help you with stress release and recharging your energies, follow this course. Dana G.

Who is this course for?

for your own and your professional practice

This online initial training is a great way to start your Jin Shin Jyutsu journey or deepen the awareness of the mudras within Jin Shin Jyutsu combining a theoretical part with practical application and experiences.

Some people like to integrate the mudras in their daily meditation, while other people just integrate them into their daily lives.

Perfect for student-practitioners, yoga teachers, coaches, and therapists to get a deeper understanding and practice with the mudras. But especially for anyone who wants to blend this relaxing, energizing and harmonizing art into his or her life.

This training is deliberately designed as basic training, accessible to everyone. After this training, you can always decide to expand your studies the Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-help 1 More information you can find on this website.

Program Initial Training
The 8 Powerful Mudras

contents & elements

You’ll learn 8 mudras in 4 weeks. You can emerge yourself in the course in one weekend or take it somewhat slower and discover 2 mudras each week. Just go at your own pace. You can always go back to it each time you want some extra inspiration.

In the course, you find easy to follow lessons. In each lesson, you’ll learn, explore, and experience a mudra and its benefits.

Before you know it the mudras will become a very helpful tool for you to take care of yourself in a simple and easy way.

Felt more relaxed and felt more empowered.

‘I can’t believe how much these mudras did to me. I literally had more air, felt more relaxed and felt more empowered. They are easy to apply, just at home on the couch, when I was in the car as a passenger or at my desk. In moments of turmoil, after a few minutes of holding my fingers, I noticed how I could easily reconnect with my inner strength and feel more energetic. The mudras are explained in a pdf and in a video, which works very well. Marna has a great voice and energy and took me into the moment in the guided meditations.’
-Patricia van S.

‘These finger poses are all inclusive.
BE one’s own testimony’


Rate for the training

This 4-week training starts whenever you want. Within 24 hours after receiving your payment you’ll be given you access to the digital learning environment. You’ll also get direct access to the app on your phone, so you can find your lessons easily on your phone too.

It doesn’t really matter how much time you invest, you’ll feel the immediate effect of the exercises the moment you do the exercises and often during the rest of your day or night.

One-time payment
97 euro

VAT (9%) included

Any questions? Book a free claritycall with me.

About me

often the mudras help me out

I love to perform the mudras. For me, they are a very powerful tool to quickly release any fatigue or stress. I often use them in my daily life.

Not long ago I was enjoying a beautiful ballet of Balanchine in the theatre at Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and performing mudras at the same time. Bringing me back to my center, letting go of daily fatigue, and raising my vibration. When I left the theatre I was inspired and recharged.

Ideal for everyone who wants to learn a simple way to help yourself and your loved ones on a daily basis. You’ll integrate this immediately in your life, it’s that easy!

I hope you’ll start to enjoy those wonderful mudras for yourself too and feel energized and harmonized.

It’s nice that some things are not complicated!

I felt an immediate effect with every Mudra. The short but very clear explanation that way it didn’t ask much of my time and my concentration. And it’s nice that some things are not complicated! Immediate relaxation of the mind and body was the most significant effect Deepening of breath, joy, and deep contentment – Eveline W.

‘These fingerposes are all inclusive
BE one’s own testimony’


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