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The 8 powerful mudras 

How to harmonize and energize your body, mind, and spirit by simply performing special hand positions (mudras) for a lifelong wellbeing

Do you want

To have more energy?

To feel deeply relaxed?

To be aligned?

To get to know yourself just a little better every day?

To be able to deeply breath

To sleep better?

To raise your vibration?

To feel the immediate effect on the level of your body, mind, and soul?

This is possible for you. Just simply learn these 8 powerful mudras.

‘In time you’ll know the non secret secret of the power that’s in the awareness and understanding of the thumbs and fingers. Alle disharmonies can be harmonized through them’

Jiro Murai

There is power in these 8 hand positions

Learning these 8 powerful mudras will last you a lifetime. It’s a simple and amazing way to help yourself on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. You can perform these mudras or just one or two of them where ever you are and whenever you want.  I myself, for example, love to perform them in the theatre or watching a movie.

‘Just last weekend I sat in the theatre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, watching a beautiful ballet of Balanchine, while performing mudras. Bringing me back in my center, letting go of daily fatigue and raising my vibration’

You’ll feel an immediate effect on your energy level and your breath. And they’ll make you’ll feel relaxed and centered. You’ll be surprised that something this simple really works and can be this powerful.

These powerful mudras are part of Jin Shin Jyustu, but you don’t need to know anything about Jin Shin Jyutsu to enjoy this course and take advantage of the feeling of benevolence you’ll have by performing these mudras.

What others say about this course

I liked this course a lot. It was simple to follow the instructions and the mudras are all really wonderful. I have some favorite ones now. Marna gave nice guidance in the audios with a kind and caring voice. If you look for an easy way to help you with stress release and recharging your energies, follow this course.


– Dana G.

I love learning self-help techniques, I myself mastered several, but never came across anyone who’d teach me about the mudras. I was happy to find out that Marna offered this amazing course and that she introduced the world of mudras to me. I was amazed to find out how quickly and effectively they work! And Marna is a gentle, knowledgeable and experienced teacher, a pleasure to work with.


– Dijana N.

Very interesting and powerful course. Clearly explained, very interesting when you don’t know much about mudra’s. I would strongly recommend this course.


– Marlies van der H.

‘I felt immediate effect at every Mudra. The short but very clear explanation that way it didn’t ask much of my time and my concentration. And it’s nice that some things are not complicated! Immediate relaxation of the mind and body was the most significant effect Deepening of breath, joy and deep contentment’


– Eveline W.

It was indeed an insightful experience, I generally enjoy something new and the experience become interesting to me when I learn something beneficial, which was the case of this course. Thank you.


– Mariam

I can’t believe how much these mudras did to me. I literally had more air, felt more relaxed and felt more empowered. They are easy to apply, just at home on the couch, when I was in the car as a passenger or at my desk. In moments of turmoil, after a few minutes of holding my fingers, I noticed how I could easily reconnect with my inner strength and feel more energetic. The mudras are explained in a pdf and in a video, which works very well. Marna has a great voice and energy and took me into the moment in the guided meditations.’


– Patricia van S.

The course

The 8 powerful mudras

You’ll learn these 8 powerful mudras in this course. You can emerge yourself in the course in one weekend or take it somewhat slower and discover 2 mudras each week. You can do it totally at your own pace. And go back to it each time you want some extra inspiration.

In the course, you find easy to follow lessons, where you’ll learn and explore a mudra and its benefits.

Some of the benefits:

Calms you when you’re nervous

Deepens your breath

Clears your fatigue

Raises your vibration

Clears a jet lag

Helps when frustrated

Brings happiness back into your life

Helps you to Get to Know Yourself

After this course, you’ll have experienced the power and the benefits of the mudras. The mudras will become a very helpful tool for you to take care of yourself in a simple and easy way.

Others about

‘I really loved the guided (meditation) course with the 8 mudras. Especially about the different meanings of the hand gestures and how to apply in different situations. For me it is a great support for my daily meditation practice.’


– Carmen S.

‘Marna is an absolute pro in this particular field of knowledge, her voice is very soothing and she is extremely knowledgeable about the topic


– Willemien

‘It is very nice to have a regularity and that you have clear guidance. It is special to feel that it gives you so much relaxation. It’s great to grab your moment. The mudras have now really become my own, which makes it easier to do it more often in between. ‘


– Willemijn B.


Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF

Art of Living

Mary Burmeister

If you want to know the power of these simple hand positions, this course is for you.

A nice way to discover and explore the mudras at your own pace and get a deeper insight into the mudras and yourself

The course consists of:

8 lessons and exercises where the mudras are explained

Videos where I clearly explain each mudra

Audios where I will guide you through all the different exercises, like a guided meditation

Worksheets so you have a very clear visual to support the exercise

A bonus exercise

Unlimited access to the material 

You’ll become part of a beautiful inspirational and supportive closed Facebook group, (if you want to).

A possibility to connect with me to ask your questions and find support

 Your Investment

Financial Investment

The investment is €67,-

Time Investment

Off course you’ll invest some of your time to watch the videos and do the exercises. However, I keep every video short and the exercises will vary in time. This will give you the choice of how much time you want and can invest at the moment.

As said you can emerge yourself in one weekend and maybe go back later or go at your one pace.

It doesn’t really matter how much time you invest, you’ll feel the immediate effect of the exercises the moment you do the exercises and often during the rest of your day or night.

I love to invite you to my course on the mudras and my life passion.

Frequently asked questions

Are you really showing how to do the exercises?

Yes, I’ll show how to do the exercises and where to place your hands through videos, pictures, and drawings. Of course, if something is not clear for you, you can always reach out to me.

How is the course delivered?

You’ll get access to a learning environment on all the devices you want. You can go to the course on your computer but also on your phone or Ipad. There is even an App on your phone and Ipad available to make it even easier to watch the videos or listen to the audios on-the-go.

How long do I have access to the course?

The course stays available to you and you have unlimited access. You’ll stay part of the community where you can ask questions or can find advice.

What happens when you improve or alter some materials in the future, do I get that too?

Yes, when I improve for example an audio or add new materials you’ll have access to the improved and/or new materials too.

Will there be a Facebook group?

There will be a Facebook group for inspiration, motivation and reminding you. There you can also ask a quick question. 

I don’t have nor want to go on Facebook?

I totally understand that and you don’t need to of course! You can do the course without being in the Facebook group. When a question comes up you simply shoot me an email or post a comment in the learning environment you’ll get access to. 

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