with Sara Harper, Wayne Hackett, and Carlos Gutteres

 A deeper understanding of the wealth of information of  Jin Shin Jyutsu .

The purpose of the Now Know Myself Seminar (NKM) is to further examine the wealth of information in Texts 1 and 2 and offer some new material. This seminar is presented by Sara Harper, Wayne Hackett and Carlos Gutterres. The primary objective is to enrich your understanding of the why’s and how to’s of this beautiful Art with an emphasis on also you unique concerns. It is an opportunity to develop Jin Shin Jyutsu concepts and practice in a very profound way.

The Now Know Myself seminar complements the fundamental training for anyone aspiring to become a capable Jin Shin Jyutsu® Student Practitioner.

Online Now Know Myself

getting a deeper understanding of the material and you

This online Now Know Myself class will guide you further on your path to Getting to Know (help) Myself. It will deepen your understanding.

During this class, you’ll receive 10 new flows, not because the material in texts 1 and 2 of Mary Burmeister is not complete in itself. These 10 flows are a precious addition to texts 1 and 2, helping us with nowadays stress and disharmonies.

Also, you will receive the 1979 textbook of Mary Burmeister. One of the first books Mary Burmeister shared with her students. Again just to give more depth and history to your studies into this amazing Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Of course, you’re warmly invited to join. We’ll start this Online Global Now Know Myself class on November 28th.

‘Getting to Know (help) Myself

– Mary Burmeister

Our 3 amazing teachers and guides

Carlos Gutteres, Wayne Hackett, and Sara Harper

Wayne, Carlos, and Sara will be our guides and teachers on this journey. They will present this class together and share their common knowledge, wisdom, and years of experience with us. We will connect with them through zoom and they will join us from Kauai (Hawaii), Brazil, and Arizona.

Class details

The 2-day In-depth class combines theory and practice in an effortless way.


  • November 28, 29 and 30 (US Thanksgiving)
  • December 2, 3 and 4
  • December 6, 7 and 8

BONUS: Question & Answer

  • December 15th


Three hours each day

  • Starting at 5 pm CET Amsterdam/ 6 am Hawaii  / 11 am NY

  • In-between each hour segment will be a 5:00 minute break to stretch.

  • One hour break and return for one hour of Questions & Answers.

Prerequisites Three of the 5-Day Basic Seminars. 

Certificate You will receive the Now Know Myself certificate.

Language English

Replays available for participants for 6 months


Deanna Nikaido
Phone: (410) 908-2135

Marna Schauten-Kruijt
Phone: +31 6 11417677

Jocelyne Chidiac
Phone: 00971 50 48 31 888

Class tuition

New Student: 725 dollar, Review NKM Student 625 dollar

‘The journey lies within Myself to seek which has no beginning and no ending. ’

– Mary Burmeister

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