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You can learn Jin Shin Jyutsu yourself e.g. in Leidschendam-Den Haag.

It’s easy to learn Jin Shin Jyutsu yourself by following the Self-help courses as I offer them also. If you want to learn more you can participate in a course(s) with our Jin Shin Jyutsu teachers. All our teachers come from abroad, because there are no Dutch teachers who can teach the 5-day foundation class or the special Jin Shin Jyutsu courses. These courses are for both beginners and experienced practitioners. You don’t need to have participated in a self-help course to be able to follow the 5-day foundation class, but I do recommend it. Discover here which courses and teachers will take place in Leidschendam-Den Haag this year.

Living The Art | Sara Harper

Mary Burmeister said that in “the awareness of the moment (the breath), one’s present state of being will become an Art of LIVING.” The purpose of this seminar is to bring us into this awareness through a detailed exploration of Mary’s three Self-Help Books and through practicing the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help.

This seminar differs from the Self-Help Class in that the meanings of Mary’s words and numbers in the books are presented at a deeper level, creating a bridge of information with Texts 1 and 2 from the 5-Day Basic Seminar. With this background, students are better prepared to study, practice and perhaps teach Self-Help. (prerequisite: three 5 day Basic Seminars)

Data: 27, 28, and  2 March 2020

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‘The greatest obstacle is man himself – the pattern of his thoughts. If that doesn’t change, we fall back into the old patterns. This is why daily selfhelp is so important.’ – Mary Burmeister

5 day Basic Seminar | Anita Willoughby

The 5-Day Basic Seminar is the foundational course for those who want to become Authorized Practitioners of the Art, as well as continue working on themselves.  
The seminar consists of two parts: Part 1: The foundation, introduces the dynamic qualities of the 26 Safety Energy Locks, the Trinity Flows, the concepts of Depths within the body, and the Physio-Philosophy of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Interspersed with lecture are ample periods of hands-on application. Part 2: (prerequisite: Part 1) introduces the 12 organ flows, listening to pulses, the Special Body Flows and how these contribute to harmonizing body, mind, and spirit.

Data: 3-7 June 2020

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Anita Willoughby has been practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu for 30 years. She lives and works in New York. Anita has the ability to quickly create a relaxing learning environment with her playful and humorous way of teaching.

Now Know Myself | Wayne Hackett, Sara Harper, and Carlos Gutterres

The purpose of the Now Know Myself Seminar (NKM) is to further examine the wealth of information in Texts 1 and 2 and offer some new material. This seminar is co-presented by a panel of instructors. Participants experience hands-on daily, both as practitioners and receivers. The primary objective is to enrich each individual’s understanding of the why’s and how to’s of this beautiful Art with emphasis on the unique concerns of practitioners. It is an opportunity to develop Jin Shin Jyutsu concepts and practice in a very profound way.

The Now Know Myself seminar complements the fundamental training for anyone aspiring to become a capable Jin Shin Jyutsu Authorized Practitioner.

Data: 18-22 November 2020

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These 3 great teachers give this class together and share their common knowledge and years of experience with us.

‘The journey lies within myself to seek which has no beginning and no ending’


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