IN-DEPTH with Anita Willoughby online

 The Diagonal Mediator Universal Harmonizing Energy. It’s all in ‘Our Attitude’. 

In this 2-day online in-depth study, Anita Willoughby will take us on a journey with The Diagonal Mediator. Bringing a deeper understanding of this very special balancing and activating principle the mediator energy provides.

Online In-depth study

getting to know our Diagonal Mediator

‘When our mediator is not in harmony it will be the cause of malfunctions in body energy circulation pattern’- Mary Burmeister

This sentence is a profound indication of the importance of the Diagonal Mediator Universal Harmonizing Energy. A very good reason to give this flow some in-depth attention.

The strong connection between our attitudes and the mediator will become clear. And as we know our 5 attitudes are the causes of all effects.

During these 2 days, we will dive deep into the significance and role of our mediator and its relationship with the 5 attitudes. Of course, you’re warmly invited to join on June 27 and 28.

Anita Willoughby

Anita will be our guide and teacher on this journey. Anita Willoughby has been practicing Jin Shin Jyutsu for 35 years. She lives and works in New York. Anita has the ability to quickly create a relaxing learning environment with her playful and humorous way of teaching.

Class details

The 2-day In-depth class combines theory and practice in an effortless way.

The class will be in the weekend of June 27/28.

9 am-12 pm EST
3-6 pm CET Amsterdam

English (with Dutch translation if needed)

5-day foundation class Jin Shin Jyutsu or familiarity with Self-Help

available for participants for 6 months

Maximum 50 participants

Class tuition

130 euro

‘The journey lies within Myself to seek which has no beginning and no ending. ’



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