Grounding… I know, but how?

This question comes up a couple of times a week in my practice. Also for myself is being grounded very important when I give sessions off course, but also in everyday life being grounded is very benevolent, soothing, and keeps you centered. And it helps you to live your life from the inside out, aligned with your purpose.

How to ground the Jin Shin Jyutsu way

1. Hold your thumb until you feel a rhythmic pulsation or hold your thumb for a couple of minutes if you don’t feel anything (yet).

2. Cross your hand and hold the inside of your knees, helping your energy to go down and connect with the earth.


Additional tips 🙂

Walking can be also very grounding especially when you feel your feet very consciously on the ground and you really bring your attention to your exhale. Eating vegetables that grow in the ground or close to it, like carrots, leeks, parsnip, kale, etc will support your grounding. And I always drink a cup of coffee before I start to give sessions to ground😘.

And of course, most of you will know the exercise where you start to breathe consciously and imagine growing roots from your feet and coccyx deep deep into the ground, the earth while sitting or growing roots from the whole body into the earth, while lying.

Here you can find more free exercises to work with your energy <<

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