Your Holistic First Aid Kit

for your summer holiday with kids

For your first aid, you can use your own healing hands perfectly. In this free workshop, you will learn exactly how to do that.

I’ll tell you exactly what you can do for all the aches and pains, cuts, agitation, holiday stress, and much, much more…

You can watch the replay for another 72 hours.

What can you do when …

first aid tips & tricks for your summer

Your son gets sunburned despite your best efforts, or stung by a wasp?

Your daughter has trouble coping with the changes during the summer vacation?

Your child is always nauseous in the car or plane?

Or suffers from an ear infection from all the swimming?

Fortunately, you always have your hands with you so you can always do something. Not just comfort, but help and heal. This gives such a tremendous sense of peace, safety, freedom, and empowerment!

It just makes your summer vacation so much easier and more fun.

And as a mother of now 3 young adults, I speak from personal experience.


The tips, given in this course, are not meant to replace emergency medical care or other medical care that may be needed!


Hi, I’m Marna,

owner of a longtime successful Jin Shin Jyutsu practice.

At an early age, I was introduced to the ancient Japanese healing art, called Jin Shin Jyutsu. My aunt became fascinated with this healing art in the 90s and really helped me and my family out of trouble several times with minor and major health issues.

She also taught me all kinds of things I could do myself for myself and the children e.g. solve a fever for my oldest daughter, an infection for my son, or for the tightness of the chest for my middle daughter.

More and more, then, I began to rely on the healing power of my own hands, because I just felt and saw that it worked.

And how nice it is to just use the gentle healing touch of your hands, which often eliminated the need for medications, and when they were needed I could smoothly guide the children through that or support their functioning.

Honestly. I wish this so much for every parent and grandparent!!! It gives so much peace of mind when you can just help your children yourself in most cases. And they also learn directly how they can do that for themselves when you are not there.

That is why I love to share this with everyone and everything around me, …at least if they want to hear it.

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